Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hey! Sorry I haven't posted for awhile, again!

I just got back from speech. Destiny and I did our Duo and then I timed a Debate (Aaron Sleadd, Dylan Holst).

The Chess tournament went good. I didn't place but it was still fun going.

I can't believe that Regional's is in 2 weeks! I really need to start working on my duo. It will be fun at Regional's, I can see all my friends again!

Alright, bye. Oh, and White Rabbit and April Fools day!!!



Kolten Anderson said...

Oh good, I'm the first to post a comment. You two did great on your duo. I'm glade I got to watch it. See you soon, I hope.

Kaleb said...

Hey devin i wish i could watch your duo. I hope i can come down and see you guys sometime soon!!!

The Goldman Family said...

#3: third times a charm.


The Goldman Family said...

Devin you and Destiny will do AWESOME in your duo again! Remember to have fun and be humble! :) It's tough when your as gIt will be wonderful for you all to see the speech friends again, be good for Grandma Dot, that's a lot of kids for her to take on a trip.

Lauren Reavely said...

Hey there!
How's the duo coming! I hope I can see it again at Regionals! :D

Well, I guess I'll see you up North in a couple weeks!

David Anderson Kruse said...

Great Job on your Duo Devin. You both will probably go to Nationals and I'll be left here gardening. That is, unless God wants us all to go. God Bless. Bye!