Thursday, August 16, 2007


My bunny, isn't he cute???

King of the Rock... ha:)
Too cute...
pretty pretty pretty
It's a bee

I love this one....

Abigail the cutieJonathan the hansom
both together (perfect picture:)
Mossy.... clear... haha:)
That picture rocks
Gods beautiful creation
Ahhh...Roses are red, vilest are blue, God made this pretty what happened to you??? Heehee:)
Just a Joke, ha:P

Hey everyone!!! How are you???? I'm great:) What do you think of my pictures??? Oh, thank you:) JK:D My Grandpa brought me home a bunny not to long ago so I decided I would finally post it. Uncle John made made me post, he said to take 50 pictures and post 10 of the best ones... so here they are:) Ok, tell me wish one is your favorite one. God bless, got to go.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thanks Kenny

I want to thank Kenny. For making an awesome wonderful and excellent header. He is sooooooooooo nice he is always doing things for other people. And He is a better uncle then I
could ever ask for. So thanks a lot KENNY. Well right now I'm going with grandma and Kolten
and she is taking us to the fair, so all post pics latter. God bless ya.