Saturday, March 1, 2008

What's up?!?

We went to a rock museum today. I learned a lot and even got to buy some rocks. The pictures on here are the ones I bought.
I went to a chess tournament and didn't get the chance to post any pictures of it. But David (my brother) posted some on his blog and you can go check them out.
I'm actually going to a speech tournament in Portland in 5 days with David, Destiny, my Mom, cousins, Grandma and Aunt Tami and Aunt Liissa... so, that is going to be a blast. I will get to see some friends that I met that the last tourney there and get to meet new ones!
Then a week after the speech tourney I will be going back to Portland for the Sate chess tournament I qualified for. I will be going with David, Emma, and Jared and some of my cousins.
Anyway, that pretty much up to date on everything that's happening in my life. Hope to see y'all soon!
God Bless!


Vickie said...

Those are really neat rocks Devin and great pictures of them. Good luck as you all travel to Portland.

John said...

Busy, busy, busy. You and everyone else certainly have a lot on their plate. I wish you well on your speaking and everyone else. I'm sure you will do awesome.

Ginger said...

Sounds like you are going non stop Devin. Can't wait to hear about the speech and chess events and the fun times you will be having with all your friends, counsins, aunts and Grandma Dot. Love you. Aunt Ginger

Grandma of Many said...

Great pictures of your rocks Devin and yes, you guys are very busy. Your speech last night was great. I love all the additions and that you are practicing a lot. Love you, Grandma Dot

The Goldman Family said...

I don't know whats up, but it's coming down.

Ruth Owen said...

wow you posted! How are ya? Cool rocks! I think I've been to that that the one where they have that room ....that has glowing rocks?

Lauren Reavely said...

Hey Devin!
Awesome job at the tournament!!! :D
*that's such a great duo* :) I hope you had a good time!
See you at Regionals!? 8)

Nate Hanson said...

Devin! :) Good seeing you, buddy. I trust you delivered those messages to Mercy, right? Ok, good.

Congrats on duo... but you already know what I thought of it.


Celular said...

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Kolten Anderson said...

Here's an Answer to your topic. I don't know but it might come down. I like your rocks.

Isaac Harris said...

Devin!! I found you on the internet! Hey, what's your email?