Friday, April 25, 2008

Funny picture of Kolten, Collin and I

Here is a funny picture that my sister Destiny took and made all funny! Which one of us do you think is the funniest???
God bless,


lesliereavely said...

wow! That's crazy! :) I'm not sure who's the funniest cause you all look so goofy! :D

Ruth Owen said...

woah...that is wicked awesome!!! I love your hair especially, Devin! Blue looks so good on you ;o) ha ha

Wesley Tullis said...

Devin! This is Wesley - great photo. Can you do my hair for me sometime ;)?

Great seeing you in Washington! Later...Wes

Kolten Anderson said...

Oh Devin

Josiah said...

Not bad...Ever considered brown?

Ginger said...

Mando Man wins hands down! Love, Aunt Ginger