Friday, September 5, 2008


This is my good sister and duo partner

Well, sorry I have not posted in a long time, its just I always say, "I'll post tomorrow." which is not a good thing. never delay things, only in case of emergency. Ok... well I'm tiered, so here's a random pic. Enjoy! God bless and good night, or good day, or good bye.


Grandma of Many said...

Well it's about time Devin, although who am I to talk. Thanks for the post and see you in a couple of days. Love you, Grandma Dot

The Goldman Family said...

Twas uniformly charming, if I may make so free.


Ted said...

Devin, you never post man!

Well, I'm back to posting so I thought I would let you know and say hi and all that fun stuff.


Kolten Anderson said...

Hey Devin. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

You should post more:)

Devin said...

Who might this Anonymous be?

However I will post.

God bless


Anna Louise Goldman said...

Good one, you said you would post in your last comment. Well,I don't see it. ;0)