Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What should I post?



-My journal?


Vote on the pole today, if you'd like, tell me what you voted.

God bless,


Destiny Jane said...

Uh... I think you should do a vido:)

John said...

Pictures & video!!!

The Goldman Family said...

Oh....of course all the ideas listed and whatever else that you can think of you little stinker! Don't keep us waiting. :)

Grandma of Many said...

I think you should change your background and print. It is very hard to read for this old Grandma. I heard from other young ones that they felt the same. I would love to see your video with that awesome camera we got you. Love, Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

Actually, you should post pictures and videos with a write up about each...that covers it. Three for the price of one...we get to enjoy your pictures along with your witty insight. Keep posting!!! Love, Aunt Ginger

Anonymous said...

I think pictures, if that fin with everyone?

Anonymous said...

Dud I thought that you and I where going to talk, some how?

The Goldman Family said...

Actually(with all due respect)the delay has extended over the monotonous period of two months.
sweet dreams

Devin said...

Oh I'm so sorry Will. We got a new house, and have been moving. But enough said. Whats new at your house.
Well got to go, hope you see this comment! And, we can chat on this post(with comments).

God bless,

Anonymous said...