Friday, January 21, 2011

So basically, I have Facebook, A facebook fan page, Gmail/Buzz, 3 Youtube Channels, Twitter, & 2 Blogs! It's hard to keep up with them all! :-)


A Face A Day said...

I understand! I am juggling ALL the time, well whenever I can!
I've got 4 balls down, as well
as 3 balls and many trixs!!
WOW!! your pretty famous!
I've seen all your YouTube videos.
I'm trying to do pins but... (I keep hurting myself!!)
well GTG!
Ohh.. by the way.. this is Danae!

Devin said...

Awesome!!! Well, Thank you! :-) Keep up the good work juggling!!! Maybe someday we could together! Pins are for sure hard to learn! :-)

Danae said...

ya, that would be great to juggle with ya,;) and to see you
guys live and in person again!
Right now I am borrowing
some other guys pins.
So I hope to get my own soon! :)

Danae said...

by the way... where do you get juggling pins, or clubs.. clubs or pins.. (what are they realy called??) :)
anyways... just wanted to know..


daugherofgrace said...

Hey you, So is there a different blog you update the most? I want to start following better (-: Hope you are having a great week!

Trevin Mikels said...

@Danae, you can get some Clubs :)

Danae said...

cool, thanks Trevin Mikels!