Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cat pics

Hello, who ever is reading this? Well I did not know what to post so I put a few cat pics on. And I have to go so I will post tomorrow if I can. Well good night and god bless.


John said...

Hi Devin:

How are you? You have some neat pictures and you did a good job of taking pictures of Emma. You ought to keep it up and experiment more. I think you have talent. You can take 50 pictures, and maybe 4-5 will be really good. Post only the pictures you are most proud of. Learn from the other ones. Destiny would like some pictures taken, I'm sure. Look at the lighting, the angle of her face. etc. And Abigail is a natural. Email me pictures if you want. I would love to see them. Anyway, enough of the pep talk. Love ya.

John said...

Hi Again:

I just noticed that my blog is the only one that you don't have a shortcut for. Are you trying to tell me somrthing? lol.

Ellie Anderson said...

Hay Devin.
Nice pic.
keep posting. bye....

Ginger said...

Devin...do you still have all the kittens. They sure were cuddly and I wish I could have brought one down to Arizona. Love you and keep posting. Aunt Ginger

Justin said...

Hey Devin. It's good to see my cat. Thank you for putting that on there. Talk to you later.

Joshua West said...

well those cats look bigger then when I last saw them.

Devon, call meeeeeeee!!!!!

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...


I love the new header your Uncle Kenny put on for you. Great pictures of the cats and the 4th of July.

Love you,

Grandma Dot